When you closed your eyes
you could have sworn the clearing was just ahead.
You open them downtown
Friday rush hour traffic
on a bus crammed between the window
and some cool guy.
You’re just trying to get home
but you’re not moving.
No one’s moving.
Even the folks walking the streets
aren’t moving.
They’re not going anywhere.
So you close your eyes.
The woods are darker than before
but its almost 6:30.
You’re not running yet.
You’re smiling. It’s pleasant here
but there’s that scream again.
You can’t help it.
You need to stop but you can’t
help it.
You know they’ll find you
if you can’t make it out
so open your eyes.
You’ve only moved a half block.
That cool guy moved across the aisle.
That’s good, huh?
You’re just trying to get home. 

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