The Body Beside The Ties by Kenneth Patchen

Kenneth Patchen is my favorite, and the best american
poet to ever have lived. I said it. Prove me wrong.



Inside The Walls

Undulations plunging. Even those touching
the blocks, unsure of how well they’ll stack
up. Still, must it be we who come tumbling down?

While fingers grasp at ill fitted pieces?
For the building process is so short lived, just
enough, like toy cars, to rev us up and

put us down, that we may speed off to our own
plans, but by what hand and for what purpose and
on which destination could we all agree?

Toys are for children.
Happy workers all are we.


Sunday Evening by John Koethe

The first piece from his book The Constructor, "Sunday Evening" by John Koethe.



"Gum Chewing Geniuses"

Bells ringing in the city squares,
Chores left for later, gathering’s