Smoke Break

The size of the airplane moving through the clouds leaves
me slightly disappointed. No bigger than most of the black
birds milling around the pristine blue of winter’s late after
noons. Their caws falling with the wind blown snowflakes
spanning miles past unseen hilltops. A siren answers back
from both directions down the traffic congested, building
enclosed street Woo wah Wah woo Neither the crows or
the plane looking to land just yet. Content with their air
stream perches, watching me, on the surface, doing my best
to admire the scene, while keeping my face clear of the long
breathed wind and lazy, cold snow.

Hey, Bro, Misplace Some Weaponry?

What you mean? Vague language
leads to answers affirming the disparaging,
unthinkably, dull arguing over a bill
of rights that only need attention called
to them when it directly affects me.
Direction of the right, so whinny about
labeling. Keeping dialog of race and banging
preference, ignoring all and any talk of bigotry
and greed. Utterly convinced by all they see
that free is a word to accurately describe this
country. Teaching the children that the ultimate
path to living happily is the degrading, wasteful,
unending pursuit of money, of which we no longer
physically see. Too late, integrated before we think
to ask, has everyone been lying to me? Yes, indeed, son.
Every night spent drinking, figuring, pointing out the system’s
destruction of possibility, finally realizing how bland this living is
and just how beautiful this world could be if every popularized, profitable
endeavor did not rely solely on destruction, misrepresentation, exploitation,
that the answers lie only in the building of the oh so evil community. You and me
seeking truth and seeing what we can do to free each and every human being from this
media induced lunacy, chasing impurity as the only means of convincing ourselves we’re
happy with all these things!