Let Us Say...

Let’s say Christian religion is true, and let’s say the devil comes
to you to lure you away from the truisms of the faith, and let’s
say that I met the devil tonight and he tempted me with words,
as the devil would know, words being my true weakness. Say,
he knew a book of beat writers would sway me to follow him,
and let’s say that he got me to read out loud from that book,
that I know to be realistic, if not true, and he bought me a drink
and got me to read some more, and let’s say there was an old
man there by the name of JC, and let’s say he asked me about it,
and let’s say he connected with a very close brother of mine on
levels I don’t really understand, and they discussed a path I’ve
never believed. Let’s just say this happened on a day like today,
and that it seems JC had the beard and the gem stone (“Peace,
peace, peace,” was all I thought with it in my possession.) and
this was an actual battle for souls. Rhetoric losing to faith. The
point being, you don’t feel holy for living the right path. Righteousness
is an award, not a symptom. On a day like today, I pray that’s true.

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