The Cat Sleeps Peacefully On The Sill

Dishes with food scraps being eaten
by young mold, waiting for the faucet’s
drip to wash them clean. A child, across
unseen seas, stomach bloated from lack
of use, closes her brown eyes for the last

time. A missionary tucks her in for her
long journey. Her younger brother turns
his head from the next cot and says a prayer
from the book the nice people brought.
In a Wisconsin hospital, a father hustles
his child out of the room, as trained professionals
hurry in to attempt futile resuscitation on
a mother, whose animal heart was not equipped

to maintain a modern american form. The invisible
radioactive waves of modern american communications
vibrating so subtly through his head, as he tries
to fathom the numbers the insurance representative
is reading to him off the screen, thinking about
the overtime it’s going to take. While, in the next
room, an attorney, who’s dealt with the same rep
on numerous occasions, buckles his pants back up,

and flings out his credit card for the easily discarded
deductable, thinking about where he’ll take his wife
to dinner, someplace with valet parking, tonight. Some
where, unreported, a politician feels the sturdiness drop
out from under him and the crowd cheers as the twitching
becomes less and less noticeable, ruled finally by their own

word, filled with the thrill of possibility, before another
politician, one they’re sure will be different, steps onto the gallows,
wearing his own neck tie, to make his proclamation of ruled
freedom! The next day, everyone goes to work, to answer
calls from america, because we don’t know how to use
our own toys, nor will we teach ourselves anything.

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