There, Animals

There’s animals pacing in the zoo and
there’s animals walking around
looking for hand outs

There are animals hiding is the shadows
They may be trying to keep to
themselves, or maybe

They’re stalking, maybe they’ll push
other animals down during the
kill, drawing blood from scraped knees

There are animals twitching at desks
Collared and leashed by Oxfords and
forgotten birthday gifts

The Albatross and The Telephone

Twice they abandoned the albatross,
Left it with the sheet music
To the eternal, mystifying song of the
Dead, yet found it, upon
Their next awakening, perched
Among the oak leaves out their
Early morning windows, so they
Relented and let it be. The telephone,

So tired of never being listened
To, cuts its own cord, takes off,
Out west, took the GPS with it.

Look how it stares, Marshall, she
Says, huddling small, yet quite
A distance from her husband in their
Dramatically sheeted bed. If I shoot at it
Again, someone is liable to call the
Police, he tells her, not anticipating his
Firearm’s next discharge. The plains,

People told it, were the worst. Kansas,
Oklahoma, Nebraska. Nothing out there,
They said. So, the telephone got to stopping
At every little shop, bar, bank, five & .10
It saw, talked a while with everyone it met
There. Nice folks, it’d say whenever it’d
Exit, without purchasing anything.