How It Goes #1

Yea, he said, tryin’a keep
a mind right in the city
Its sumthin’ huh?
I agreed with one long,

amorphous, slipping syllable
as, from across the bus way, rushed
a trio of terrifically enthusiastic
Goddammits! that drilled the dread

deep into me. He glanced behind
him, in that direction, good thing
those train tracks ran through.
I coughed a ha exhaling and tried

to let the shouts that followed mingle
with the crickets’ serenade.

The city is not the character
The city is not the story
The city is the audience
The city beholds the tale

And, you see, right now
I am the city
And, you see, here, friend
You are the city
And we are the city
Sitting and watching
Yes, we are the city
All of us here

As the individuals
Pictured and named
Are cited in incidents
On the evening news

Removed from the city
to be recognized as
beloved role models
or those to be avoided.

The subversive advertising for
Or blacklisting of
Faces on the street
Selling us interactions

Eliminating any opportunity for fair
minded personal judgments
Branding good or bad
never simply human

Selling us our social structure.

Now, you see, as with all things
structured, there are always those that fail.
To expect otherwise is ignorance. A bridge’s

structure is most important.
Then, sadly, a business’. Poor financial
structure digs graves.

Body structure comes next, living on the razor’s
edge of nature and superficiality. It is said
children need structure most of all.

The structure needs the children
structured as to not fail itself.
But where does it come from?

It lies within the unending simplicity
of the universe. What seems to have happened is
human beings have mistaken for intellect
an inherent hypersensitivity to natural structure.

It is almost frightening that the more we
discover, how every thing seems to be the same.
Neutrons, protons, electrons swirl around
each other until they become something new

Chromosomes and proteins splash together and
settle into something warm

Particles, dust, and debris fall towards something
we don’t quite understand to make light in
the unseen membranes of our outer most spaces

These questions, this quest, is the stopping
point for human beings, for if we were
to ascertain cerebral ability beyond this structural
fascination, we will have stepped out of our human

body and into, what I can only speculate, is true
soul enlightenment heaven It is our ambition
yet it is beyond our current capabilities. Well…

I must apologize for my sudden arrogance,
another short coming of the human being.
This propensity toward habit is hardly felt
by humans alone. My cat loves her structure
far more than I do. She wants to be fed

at the same time everyday. She wants outside
at the same time everyday. She wants petted
at the same time everyday. Who am I

to say she’s not searching for relief as well?
And who can be certain the earth is not pleading
for peace? Or the galaxy isn’t looking for answers?

Perhaps, then, it’s true, as I remember my father
saying when I was a boy, “We are here because
the universe needs to look at itself.” Just like us.
Poor bastards.

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